Bridal reservations are 90 minutes and proper undergarments are required to try on gowns.  Thank you!

Flora's Fitting Guidelines

  • We are limiting the number of guests at this time and ask our brides bring no more than 5 guests per bridal/ bridesmaid reservation. If you need to add additional guests, please call us and we will work to accommodate you, whenever possible. 

  • If you are more than 10 minutes late please let us know otherwise we may cancel your reservation. 

  • Gowns: After each fitting any gown that was tried on is either sanitized with a disinfectant spray, steamed at upwards of 200 degrees, scanned with a UVC light and or a combination of all three methods.

  • Face-covers: Per the latest Hillsborough county order, all of our customers and staff are required to wear face covers. We do not want to pay a $500 fine for you not wearing a mask.... sorry!   Flora's has fabric face-covers for sale in the shop starting at $6. 

  • Surface space: We Lysol our furniture and wipe hard surfaces with a disinfectant between fittings. 

  • Please know, we are going to go above and beyond to keep you safe, but make no guaranties.  Safety is everyone's responsibility and we ask that you please remember staff safety as well by washing your hands, staying home if you are sick and resisting the urge to touch everything, LOL.  Thank you!!

  • Cancellations: Flora's is open by reservation only. If you cannot make your reservation, please use common courtesy and call/ email/ dm, whichever is easier for you, and let us know.  Failure to notify us if you cannot make your fitting will result in a $25 deposit should you make another reservation. The deposit will be credited towards your purchase.


Schedule your reservation by email at Florasbrides@gmail.com, call 813-684-0644 or use the form below and you will soon be in your dream gown!!